MPP Databases

InfiniDB is offered by Calpont Corporation in two editions namely, InfiniDB Enterprise Edition and InfiniDB Community Edition.

The latter edition of this database is offered free of cost with limited features. The former edition is the commercial edition and assists scaling out to an infinite number of nodes.

Both editions of this Big Data database provide a Hadoop connector and can be installed on Amazon Web Services.

Minimum hardware requirements include 8 GB of RAM, 200 MB of disk space, and AMD or Intel x86 architecture.

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NuoDB is specifically built for the cloud and intended for an elastic cloud of computers. This Big Data database is constructed on an emergent architecture that is suitable for contemporary data centers and delivers the functionality, reliability and power of a conventional SQL database. This database is object-oriented and at the core of every object is the Atom. In NuoDB, an Atom is akin to a bird in a flock. The schema, the underlying data, and the indexes are all atoms in this database.