Data Kind

Crowd Sourced Analytics

DataKind™ consists of a group of high-principled data scientists, do-gooder CIOs, dedicated organizers, and NPO/NGO gurus.

The DataCorps™ is a chosen group of data scientists who deal with Big Data challenges on volunteer or contract data projects part-time. These data scientists typically work for one to six months on intended data projects.

The company’s volunteers are paid by the enterprises taking on the projects.

Furthermore, the company maintains a full-time staff of data scientists to cater to the most pressing problems.

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Fliptop provides its clients Social Profiles, a product which automatically shows Social Media links to Salesforce Contacts and Leads (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). The application permits clients to view publicly accessible social media Big Data about contacts and leads on the contact page in Salesforce. BrandGraph, a product of the company, helps clients in swiftly and automatically finding all the social pages and links associated with a brand. With just the company’s URL, this software generates all the social pages related to that web address.