Big Data Rumors: Salesforce Analytics in the Cloud Set for Dreamforce Debut?

Big Data Rumors

The name is synonymous with cloud-based CRM technology. Soon enough, the same may be said for its association with big data – if the chatter flowing from the rumor mill is true.

Techies are anxious to learn if Saleforce’s so-called “Analytics Cloud” will turn out to be legit, or just another mirage. The rumors heated up fiercely when a recent tweet from company CEO Marc Benioff appeared to spill the remaining beans. Judging from the Twitter leak, this new cloud-based analytics platform could be unveiled during the upcoming Dreamforce conference on October 15.

Filling the Data Gap

When it comes to enterprise CRM, Salesforce is the cream of the crop. In addition to tracking the customer relationship from acquisition to sale, it delivers built-in analytics and visualization tools designed to help companies gain a better understanding of their data. While these tools are certainly valuable, they lack the insight businesses often require as they grow, and their data becomes more complex. As a result, managers and execs struggle to understand the impact marketing programs have on lead generation and answers to other vital questions.

Salesforce has long been criticized for failing to deliver the comprehensive analysis organizations demand as they mature and their needs evolve. The introduction of a fully loaded analytics suite will be a welcomed addition for customers in need of more advanced ways to slice and dice the data connected to leads, marketing campaigns, and help desk processes. It could have riveting implications across the

Saleforce ecoystem of products and cause quite the industrial shakeup, particularly in the big data market. is compatible with various third-party tools that provide those missing insights. Startups like Fliptop offer custom dashboards, predictive lead scoring, and other analytical capabilities that help sales rep make the most of their Saleforce data. In this scenario, the lack of comprehensive data analysis provides a business boost for companies that pick up the slack. However, these firms could be in trouble if customers decide to dump their external solutions for the same functionality Salesforce makes available in Analytics Cloud, which technically, would be an easy, natural transition.

The Big Picture

Competitive element aside, dedicated analytics that runs alongisde the Salesforce platform can provide a huge boost for the company and its legions of customers. For years, the lack of true business intelligence capabilities has forced many users to export huge chunks of data into external applications for tasks like data analysis and modeling, which can be rather tedious to say the least. A Saleforce solution that serves up these features internally will offer opportunities to greatly improve business processes by helping organizations learn more about their customers and make better decisions around these deeper insights.

Rumors are merely that, but this one has added credence due to a recent Salesforce job posting. According to the post, Salesforce is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to lead the Analytics Cloud initiative through and beyond the Dreamforce launch. Make of that what you will.

Big Data Rumors: Salesforce Analytics in the Cloud Set for Dreamforce Debut?

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