Big Data Jobs: Hottest Opportunities in Analytics , Business Intelligence, and More!

Hottest Opportunities in Analytics , Business Intelligence, and More
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What’s the best way to measure the impact big data has on the economy? By sizing up its influence on the job market, of course. Gartner estimates that big data will create 4.4 million jobs worldwide and 1.9 million jobs in the United States by 2015. The firm believes the U.S. number will actually be closer to 6 million when factoring in the jobs big data will help create outside of IT.

The data explosion is not only making news – it’s changing lives! Here is an up close look at the opportunities in big data jobs:

Businesses Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence is one of the most active links in the big data chain. Analysts in this field generally need an in-depth knowledge of analytics software, in addition to reporting tools and database management. According to Indeed, professionals at this position make an average salary of $81,000.

Data Visualization Specialist

Let CNN’s Management Fortune publication tell it, data visualization is the next big thing in big data jobs. Data visualization specialists play a major role in the process by converting numbers and information into a comprehensive format that is easy to read and put into action. According to GlassDoor, these data experts make an average salary of $75,000.

Data Modeler

In many cases, data modelers are the true problem solvers behind a big data infrastructure. These data specialists must have a familiarity with various data modeling technologies and strategies, with general knowledge of database, data warehousing, and database storage procedures being a huge plus. According to IT Job Cafe, these guys can pull down as much as $134,250 in annual salary.

Data Architect

A data architect does a little bit of everything. They’re often responsible for analyzing data, generating data models, migrating data and much more. Apparently being a jack of all data trades pays off because according to IT Career Paths, this position pays an average salary of $107,000.

Data Scientist

Data scientists possess the most highly sought after skills in the big data arena. It’s an incredibly diverse skill set that generally entails data collection, analyzing, visualization, and forecasting. Right now, these valuable data masters are commanding an average salary of $115,000, according to GlassDoor.

Database Administrator

If there was a must-have position on our list, this would have to be it. When it comes to big data, every organization needs an expert who is well versed in high-volume database platforms such as NoSQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB. Pay is determined by experience, but senior database administrators can pull down roughly $100,000 annually, according to GlassDoor.

Database Developer

The need for database developers has increased significantly thanks to the rise of big data. A database developer is generally responsible for creating applications, objects, and tools that improve database functionality based on specific needs. According to RHT, this emerging position pays up to $134,500 for experts who flourish in their role.

All signs indicate that big data jobs will increase in both number and salary. If you’re looking for a field that is almost certain to stay hot over the long haul, you may have found it here. What other big data jobs are worth pursuing?

Big Data Jobs: Hottest Opportunities in Analytics , Business Intelligence, and More!

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