A Comprehensive Introduction to Big Data-as-a-Service

A Comprehensive Introduction to Big Data-as-a-Service

From software to platforms, cloud computing has popularized the “as a service” concept. Now it’s time for advanced analytics to get in on the action. Big data as a service or BDaaS, delivers tools, storage, and other resources on as needed basis. Similiar to other cloud services, this one allows organizations to gain a competitive edge by leveraging a third party infrastructure and pricing model that conforms to their budget.

What’s to Like About BDaaS

BDaaS is simply another way to outsource your data mining, management, and storage initiatives to another company better suited to handle them on a day to day basis. When looking at it from this perspective, it’s clear to see that several benefits are up for grabs. Let’s start with cost. While Hadoop runs rather efficiently on commodity hardware while suppporting open source software, organizations still end up spending big on infrastructure components. BDaaS uses a pay-as-you-go payment model that greatly reduces upfront expenses and keeps ongoing costs manageable.

In addition to upfront savings, the BDaaS concept aims to eliminate the hassle of managing a big data infrastructure. Service providers typically aim to deliver the white glove treatment, meaning they handle everything you don’t want to deal with. So in exchange for their data center, servers, and analytical software, they take care of things like security, networking monitoring, and day to day maintenance. Considering that this level of service allows you to focus on simply running your business, many companies feel the exchange is more than fair.

Who Benfits From BDaaS

Like big data in general, BDaaS is an ideal fit for companies in a wide range of industries. The argriculture sector is a prime example. While it still thrives on the old fashion values of blood, sweat, and hardwork, the market is more data driven than ever. Rather than build or maintain a data center, farmers can simply leverage a BDaaS solution that provides the insight needed to guide them on which seeds to buy, when to plant crops, and so forth.

Marketing and sales teams can also benefit. Many businesses have learned that data has immeasurable value when used to build customer profiles. BDaaS first provides an efficient way to organize, view, and manage the data they collect from multiple sources. From there, it helps them build profiles they can use to target customers with personalized, relevant marketing content and sales pitches they are most likely to respond to.

The Future of Big Data-as-a-Service

The BDaaS realm will go as far as big data and cloud computing will take it. One forecast predicts that the big data market will reach a staggering $125 billion in 2015. As for the cloud forecast, the public services sector alone is expected to hit $133 by 2020. With heavyweights such as Amazon and IBM leading the charge, thefuture of Big Data-as-a-Service looks pretty darn promising.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Big Data-as-a-Service

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