7 of the Biggest Big Data Acquisitions in History

7 of the Biggest Big Data Acquisitions in History

Things are moving ultra fast in big data. Blink your eyes, and you just might miss something. The company that existed one day could become the asset of another the next. Acquisitions are starting to become common as tech powerhouses swoop in and claim what they hope are precious commodities. Within the last two years alone, there have been some acquisitions in big data with the potential to rock the very foundation of the industry. Here are a few that stand out for us.

1. IBM Acquires Cloudant

Already one of the biggest names in big data, IBM looked to bolster its position even further with the acquisition of Cloudant. Cloudant is well known on the big data circuit for its cloud-based No SQL database management solution and contributions to the Apache project. The brand is currently slated to operate under IBM’s Information and Analytics arm.

2. Oracle Acquires BlueKai

Not to be outdone, IBM’s rival Oracle snatched up BlueKai, a startup with a data management platform used in big data marketing. BlueKai is known for helping organizations take the information at their disposal, and use it to create highly focused marketing campaigns. The platform is being integrated with Eloqua and Responsys, two other recent IBM acquisitions, in one unified marketing channel.

3. Cloudera Acquires Myrrix

A young company itself, Cloudera jumped into the acquisition game with its purchase of Myrrix, who created a machine learning platform built on the Apache Hadoop and Mahout frameworks. Cloudera is working on incorporating that technology into its own distribution of Hadoop. Myrrix’s technology is being packaged into something both sides call “Big Learning”.

4. Acxiom Acquires LiveRamp

Acxiom was a giant in the data management arena long before big data become thing. However, the firm plans to strengthen its presence there with the recent acquisition of marketing firm LiveRamp, which it purchased for roughly$310 million. With LiveRamp, Acxiom is aiming to bridge the gap between the rich source of data that exists offline and the vast opportunities in the world of online marketing.

5. WANdisco Acquires AltoStor

One of the biggest acquisitions took place in 2012 when collaboration software maker WANdisco acquired AltoStor. This purchase was a huge deal because AltoStor is considered a pioneer in the big data game. With AltoStor’s years of experience in Hadoop, WANdisco can give its customers an even more robust and reliable database platform.

 6. CSC Acquires Infochimps

Another interesting acquisition to note was CSC’s purchase of query and data processing platform Infochimps. For CSC, who has been staple in the IT solutions sector, it’s an opportunity to tap into the lucrative big data goldmine. Infochimps now exists as a a subdivision under CSC’s cloud-based business solutions.

7. Pentaho AcquiresWebdetails

Leading big data company Pentaho upped its game when purchasing Webdetails. Based in Portugal, Webdetails specializes in consulting and data visualization development. Pentaho is looking to use this acquisition to beef up its research and development capabilities on the visualization front.

These are some of the most chatter worthy acquisitions in big data thus far. Considering the roll this blazing hot market is on, they surely won’t be the last.

7 of the Biggest Big Data Acquisitions in History

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