7 More Big Data Companies to Watch

7 More Big Data Companies to Watch

Like any market in its infancy, the big data industry is bustling with companies jockeying for a comfortable position in a niche that is as surefire as any. Most of them are actually startups with the potential for two things: to be great, or out of business entirely within the next year. Coming up we take a look at 7 big data companies that will eventually demand your attention – if they already haven’t.

1. Palantir Technologies

Founded in 2004, Palantir Technologies offers a suite of solutions that allow organizations to easily integrate, visualize, and analyze data. The company’s intelligence technology is proving useful for some pretty high profile public sector clients, including government and law enforcement agencies who use its software to track down supsected criminals. Soon, it may no longer be fair to call Palantir a startup because a fabulous product and generous funding rounds have made it a company valued at several billions of dollars.

2. Crayon Data

Crayon Data focuses on the decision making aspect of big data. The Signapore-based startup offers a product by the name of Simpler Choices, which tidies up huge chunks of information and transforms it into actionable insights that fuel informed business decisions. Slowly but surely, Crayon Data’s big data technology is catching on with companies in the financial, hospitality, and telecommunications industries.

3. Neo Technology

Founded in 2007, Neo Technology is best known for its graph database the Neo4j. Graph databases differ from both relational and NoSQL databases by enabling analysts to visualize connected data in channels such as e-commerce and social media. With big names like eBay and Walmart endorsing its solution, Neo is striving to make the graph database concept a bigger part of the big data revolution.

4. Couchbase

Couchbase Inc. is the company behind the insanely popular big data database Couchbase Server. Ideal for the cloud and on-premise environments, this NoSQL database provides the highly scalable, low latency environment many enterprise operations demand. As a company, Couchbase is on a fast track to success with strong funding behind it and some prestigious honors to its name.

5. PromptCloud

Based in Bangalore, India, PromptCloud operates in a specialized area known as Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). Leveraging the cloud’s scalability and budget-friendly pricing model, this company literally combs the web for information and delivers it to the client in a clean, custom-made package. With the ability to explore Twitter and countless other specific sites on-demand, PromptCloud’s big data technology has uncapped potential.

6. Snowflake

Headed up by a team that includes former Microsoft executive Bob Muglia, Snowflake is making big data technology easily accessible to SMBs. Run exclusively in the cloud, the service provides companies with SQL-friendly tools and capacity to store and analyze data at a price that structured to their usage needs. Snowflake doesn’t currently have a lot of users, but has already secured more than $70 million in capital investments.

7. Saama Technologies

Whether Saama Technologies falls in the category of big data startups is debatable. What can’t be argued is its prominence and still growing prevalence in the industry. The company combines state of the art analytics and staff expertise to help clients maximize their data assets in fields that range from financial services to healthcare and media. Saama is fighting for supremacy like everyone else, but the 18-year old company has already compiled a client list that includes Apple, Cisco, and Salesforce.com.

7 More Big Data Companies to Watch

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