6 Case Studies That Underscore the Power of Big Data

6 Case Studies That Underscore the Power of Big Data

The volume, complexity, and velocity of information has created immense data management challenges from the retail sector to the banking industry. While many organizations are still challenged, the kings of technology claim to have come up with a viable solution to their problems in a concept called “big data”. Leveraging robust data management platforms such as Hadoop and advanced analytics tools, Microsoft and other service providers have developed solutions designed to help companies get a better handle on their data and extract its true value.

Proponents say big data is taking the world by storm, but is it really making a big impact? After going over these big data case studies, you’ll understand that this trend is much more than hype.

1. Halo 4 Delivers Personalized Gaming Experience 

Hardcore gamers recognize Halo as the award-winning franchise that took gaming to all new levels of excitement. Despite being a massive global success, the development team found themselves between a rock and a hard place when it came time to deliver Halo 4. Their challenge – using data to gain a better understanding of player preferences and build an optimal structure for online tournament play. The Halo 4 team found an answer to their problem in Windows Azure HDInsight, a Microsoft product that allowed them to process and analyze data, rank players by gameplay activity, and deliver the appropriate statistical data to tournament operators.

2. Walmart Improves Search for Online Shoppers

Search is not only a valuable tool that helps internet users find relevant content on the web. It also helps consumers navigate online storefronts owned by retailers like Walmart. In an effort to improve its internal search capabilities, the retail giant implemented a search engine built around semantic data. Developed by Polaris, the search engine utilizes text analysis, machine learning, and synonym mining to deliver the most relevant results. According to Walmart, this system helped it boost purchases by 10 to 15 percent, which it says is equivalent to billions of dollars in sales.

3. Tipp24 Bets on Data and Wins Big

The ultimate numbers game, the lottery system is primed for a trend like big data. One of the leading players on the European lottery scene, Tipp24 turned to KXEN to improve the accuracy of its customer targeting initiatives. By using KXEN’s InfiniteInsight software, the company that provides an easy way for consumers to place bets on lottery results online was able to boost the targeting accuracy of its marketing programs by a whopping 300 percent. Tipp24 actually saw vast improvements across multiple customer-facing channels, including direct mail, phone, and email.

4. Ford Mines Data for Insights into the Cars of Tomorrow

For the most part, cars are still built the traditional way – on the grit and grind of the assembly line. However, more manufacturers are coming to realize that data is the key to improving the old way and putting better vehicles on the streets. Ford, for example, is sifting through the roughly 250 gigabytes of data it collects per hour to determine which sets of information will be most useful in vehicle production. As far as technology solutions, the company is using everything from SAP analytics to Tableau data visualization to uncover valuable data from censors to the social web.

5. MailChimp Enters Big Data Market to Help Customers Improve List Quality

MailChimp is a leading provider of email marketing solutions. Recognizing the power of information, the firm recently decided to capitalize on the big data movement. MailChimp is taking advantage of this trend from multiple angles, but its most well known data-driven initiative to date is Wavelength. With Wavelength, MailChimp customers have access to a tool that helps them grow their mailing lists. The service analyzes data connected to the company’s more than two million customers and their two million subscribers to discover businesses with similar newsletters and partnership opportunities that may be helpful in increasing brand reach.

6. Landry Inc. Uses Transaction Data to Stamp Out Employee Fraud

It’s been estimated that employee fraud costs the U.S economy an alarming $200 billion annually. The parent company of restaurant franchises such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Morton’s The Steakhouse, Landry’s Inc. made an investment in big data to nip this little problem in the bud. Equipped with real-time monitoring service Restaurant Guard, Landry was able to dramatically reduce instances of employee scams and save approximately $108 per week at each store. By analyzing daily data from its point-of-sale systems, Restaurant Guard has helped the company eliminate fraud across its network of more than 400 locations since 2009.

Technology doesn’t make any promises, but big data can make a huge difference in your data infrastructure. With a sound game plan and the right tools behind you, your company can carve out its very own success story!

6 Case Studies That Underscore the Power of Big Data

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