10 Big Data Companies You Don’t Know, But Should

10 Big Data Companies You Don't Know, But Should

By now, most of us know that giants of Big Data. You’ve got Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Google, and SAP to name a few. Those guys are still doing their thing, but there are some smaller guys who look poised for greatness. Without further ado, let us introduce you to a few little known big data companies you need to get familiar with.

1. Qlik

Formerly known as QlikTech, Qlik is actually a veteran in the business intelligence game. The company got its start in 1993, where it initially provided a PC-based application by the name of QuikView to the Swedish market. Today, Qlik is perhaps best known for QlikView, a business discovery platform that empowers companies in the crucial decision-making process by crunching millions of rows of data.

2 .Kaggle

Founded in 2010, Kaggle isn’t merely a company – it’s the largest active community of data scientists. The members of this community compete with one another to solve complex data-driven problems utilizing a mix of software technology and machine learning strategies. On the business side, Kaggle provides organizations of all sizes with access to its powerful predictive modeling platform.

3. GoodData

Founded in 2007, GoodData does business intelligence from the cloud. The company has an all-in-one open analytics platform that collects, stores, integrates, analyzes, and visualizes data. As of 2014, GoodData has roughly 37,000 customers under its roof.

4. DataSift

 Founded in 2010, DataSift is a San Francisco-based company that does big data with a social twist. Using its social data platform, enterprises can extract valuable insights from the countless social conversations taking place on Twitter and beyond. DataSift’s cloud platform delivers both real-time and historical data to help brands get a better handle on their social impact.

5. Appuri

 Getting its start in 2012, Appuri takes a different approach to big data. The company offers a cloud-based platform that tracks and analyzes the customer life cycle over the relationship. As far as efficiency goes, Appuri claims to track more than one billion customer-related events in a day.

6. Metric Insights

Founded in 2010, Metric Insights uses its KPI Warehouse to integrate the client’s existing business intelligence, analytics, and visualization tools. It also has a product that notifies the client when certain metrics have changed, and gives an explanation behind the changes. Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence platform has attracted some pretty big named clients, including Barnes and Nobles, Home Away, and UnitedOnline.

7. PSSC Labs

Founded in 1984, PSSSC Labs is another old school computer veteran that recently decided to tap into the big data gold mine. The company that started out making supercomputers is now producing server hardware platforms for big data applications such as Hadoop and MongoDB. PSSC Labs makes the energy efficient servers and clusters that carry business workloads on their backs.

8. Skytree

Founded in 2012, Skytree aims to make big data bigger, faster, and better. These guys specialize in blending advanced analytics with machine learning, which they say is the best way to get the biggest bang from big data. The Skytree platform digs deep to help organizations predict upcoming trends, make better business decisions, and identify new prosperous markets.

9. Think Big Analytics

Founded in 2010, Think Big Analytics helps companies devise custom big data strategies that meet their business objectives. The firm runs an academy that offers hands-on training and mentoring from

expert authorities in data science and engineering . Think Big Analytics says its solutions allow customers to see improvements in customer service, operational efficiencies, and ROI.

10. GoDataDriven

GoDataDriven is an India-based startup that emerged on the scene in 2009. The company caters to the retail sector with solutions and training resources that enable individual businesses to get a better read on their market. GoDataDriven gives clients access to a recommendation engine, behavioral analytics, dashboards and more to help them improve customer personalization and engagement.

Bonus! Talend

Founded in 2006, Talend, gives business quick and easy access to their data. A combination of insights from diverse data sources and baked in support for existing big data systems allows clients to be more agile in responding to business demands. Talend has managed to raise over $100 million in funding while running on an open source infrastructure.

10 Big Data Companies You Don’t Know, But Should

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