Ad Optimization

Turn believes that market-leading performance is the key in creating client loyalty.

The company’s solutions integrate audience intelligence with authoritative tools for forecasting, segmentation, website data capture, robust analytics, and precision targeting – everything an enterprise needs to convert consumer information into successful relationships.

The Turn Big Data platform, the company’s product, presently stores 1.2 billion stable and anonymous consumer profiles with their history – website visits, time of visits, and frequency – before and after every single impression.

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Kaggle provides its clients Kaggle Connect, a consulting platform. This platform is instrumental in connecting enterprises to the finest of the Kaggle community. The company works with clients of all sizes in resolving top-priority business problems by eliciting insight from Big Data. The company has helped Merck, GE, Ford, Allstate, Facebook, Tencent, and more clients enhance sales forecasting, accelerate product development, retain customers, lower operating costs, and collect insights from social media.