Management Monitoring

Tokutek has commercialized an advanced storage technology perfected at and licensed from Stony Brook, Rutgers, and MIT.

The company’s mission is to change the way data is stored and retrieved and to impart a tremendous leap in the functioning of databases and file systems.

TokuDB®, the company’s acclaimed product is a zero maintenance downtime, highly scalable, MariaDB® and MySQL® Big Data storage engine that imparts replication performance, indexing-based query acceleration, and permits Hot Schema Modifications.

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Bill Guard

BillGuard, a personal finance protection service, analyzes millions of customer billing complaints to spot erroneous, fraudulent, and deceptive charges on clients’ debit card and credit card bills. The company’s BillGuard FI™ is a cloud-based product that unites seamlessly with the client’s financial institution’s existing online banking website. The company’s specialties include Crowd-sourcing, Anti-virus, Personal Finance Protection, and Big Data Mining. BillGuard FI™ secures cardholders 24x7 by delivering post-transaction screening of all charges.