Statistical Computing

Skytree initiated the Analytics Requirements Index (ARI) to remove the confusion and aid businesses quantify their analytics needs.

This is an uncomplicated formula that can be utilized to assess the magnitude of the analytics problem. The company’s advanced Big Data analytics solutions include outlier detection, similarity search, predictive analytics, recommender systems, and clustering and segmentation.

The company offers three Jumpstart Packages fine-tuned to meet clients’ needs and “Jump Start” their success utilizing advanced analytics and Machine Learning.

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Kognitio, founded in 1987, is an enterprise software company boasting a global presence. The company has over 1 petabye of functional licenses and thousands of pleased worldwide users. The Kognitio Analytical Platform, the company’s flagship product, is a Big Data platform that analyzes over 1 trillion transactions every day. The company partners not only with software, hardware and services vendors, but also with accredited resellers. Kognitio offers many training courses to its clients. Some of these are Kognitio in AWS, The Kognitio Console, Kognitio MDX, and Kognitio Quick Installation.