Simple Reach

Social Media

SimpleReach knows the future of its clients’ content – both publishers and brands.

The company meticulously tracks every social action around its client’s content and coordinates those actions to site engagement. The company helps publishers to integrate social media Big Data with their existing advertising, analytics, and content partners to make them socially intelligent.

The company’s software provides clear visibility for brands into their content marketing, all at one place.

The company ensures that its clients’ paid content distribution efforts are spent wisely.

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Sonamine supplies Big Data software that is used in the evaluation of networks. The call graph of an average sized mobile operator is an excellent example of a network. Assuming that there might be 10 million users who make 10 calls every day, the daily call network would add up to about 100 million connections. The company’s clients utilize its network analysis software for diverse reasons. Some clients seek to enhance the accuracy of their predictive algorithms in marketing and customer retention. Other clients use the company’s software to improve the user experience of their consumer website by exhibiting the recent actions of their friends.