Creating algorithms that will change the world

Predictive Science

Predictive Science is a software, services, and training company focused on helping Fortune 1000 marketers discover and capture the value of their big data. We are the thought leader and pioneer in predictive big data analysis for marketers.

At Predictive Science, we maximize the value of marketing data. Since only 30% of marketers are using marketing analytics at all — and just 18% are using predictive analytics — we know that doing so is an extreme competitive advantage for our clients.

We push data intelligence beyond looking back to report and analyze what happened in the past. We gather and mine real-time data to monitor what is happening now, and predict what might happen next. We can even simulate what is likely to happen, and automate to make things happen.

Each managing member of Predictive Science’s team has worked for Fortune 1000 companies and drove big data initiatives. Our expertise runs deep, and we pride ourselves in our understanding of the big data needs of marketing and the potential opportunity big data can provide marketers.

Predictive Science’s playbooks and technology are unique offerings that provide the best practices, roadmap, and tools for marketers to drive impactful business results from their big data. Our mission is to provide marketers and businesses with a suite of tools that will allow them to easily and inexpensively create algorithms that will change the world.


O’Reilly Strata Conference Startup Showcase Audience Choice Award Winner

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