Ad Optimization

MediaMath constantly designs new products on the platform, which present as apps or core functionality.

TerminalOne, the company’s flagship Big Data platform, has driven breakthrough outcomes for hundreds of leading agencies and brands on campaigns amounting to hundreds of millions in media spend.

Some of the key features of this platform include Contextual targeting, Audience buying, Full data management, Full consumer privacy & Opt-out assistance, Lightning fast & strong infrastructure, Full transparency, and Algorithmic optimization for brand & DR campaigns.

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Kaggle provides its clients Kaggle Connect, a consulting platform. This platform is instrumental in connecting enterprises to the finest of the Kaggle community. The company works with clients of all sizes in resolving top-priority business problems by eliciting insight from Big Data. The company has helped Merck, GE, Ford, Allstate, Facebook, Tencent, and more clients enhance sales forecasting, accelerate product development, retain customers, lower operating costs, and collect insights from social media.