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Karmasphere revolutionizes the Big Data landscape by ushering in the next generation of self-service, actionable, Big Data Insights with Social, Collaborative, and Unconstrained Analytics.

Karmasphere 2.0, the company’s latest release, delivers self-service passage to Big Data and analytic functions for swifter, more effective analysis and collaboration.

This product enables clients to visually explore data for trends and patterns, iteratively evaluate data using familiar skills and queries, and easily publish their insights to their team for instantaneous action – all inside one user-friendly workspace.

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Stormpath, a cloud based service, is used to manage users and simplify authentication and access control inside applications. The API delivers programmatic passage to the functionality of the service including basic CRUD operations on applications, accounts, groups, directories, and tenants. Stormpath virtualizes user’s stores to permit access to numerous directories from one application. Stormpath manages groups to reflect user roles and enterprises, including SaaS directories. Stormpath’s Big Data product enables cloud service providers to transfer the authentication process to it.