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Jawbone develops human-centered devices to enhance lifestyle and well-being.

The company reshapes how people design, play, and know themselves and relate with each other. ICON HD, the company’s product, is the world’s best-selling HD audio headset. The company’s Big Data products are specially designed to fit seamlessly in people’s lives.

All the company’s products are an intelligent combination of design and engineering, custom-made for how people live.

The company is the developer of the largest-selling BIG JAMBOX™ and JAMBOX™ wireless speakers.

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Withings provides internet connected WiFi body scale devices that automatically register the users’ weight, BMI, and fat mass, which can be viewed by them from their smart-phones or computers. These measurements, which reveal a person’s comprehensive long-term fitness, are recorded immediately when users simply step onto the scale and are transferred to their dashboard. The scale automatically identifies each user and enables the user to achieve an excellent physical health in a simple and reliable way.