Media/Media partnership

ITBriefcase, an online publication, offers diverse lead generation vehicles for imparting high quality leads from a new, unsaturated, and growing audience.

The publication markets to the LIVE date, as well as to the ON-DEMAND version of users’ webcast.

Users’ exclusive sponsorship of a chosen topic area on IT Briefcase will display 5 assets including webcasts, case studies, videos, products, and white papers besides users’ company log and banners.

The publication builds a personalized strategy for Lead Nurturing.

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Seven Bridges Genomics

Seven Bridges Genomics delivers users a cloud-based platform for the next generation sequence data analysis. IGOR, the company’s scalable Big Data computation engine, enables users to detect and interpret variants employing open-source, flexible pipelines in hours. IGOR has a browsable library of reference files and data. Key features of IGOR include Transcript annotations; Updated reference SNPs from dbSNP; Small test data for experimentation with pipelines; Exome capture kit annotations from Agilent, Illumina, Ion Torrent, and Nimblegen; and Gold standard indels from the Broad Institute and the 1000 Genomes Project.