Ironside Group

Data Visualization

Ironside Group fosters increased professional growth through an assortment of opportunities, and an exceptional environment.

The company has an intimate knowledge and experience in building, designing, and managing high production IBM Business Analytics systems.

The company has achieved 97% success rate in the last 12 years, and numerous clients have invited it back to support them with additional initiatives.

The company’s platform incorporates some key features including Big Data Analytics, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Database Administration, and Vulnerability Assessments.

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Advanced Visual Systems

Advanced Visual Systems develops software that permits data to be depicted in graphs and charts. The company provides software and solutions for diverse fields including Big Data Analyltics, Analytic applications, Parallel processing, Business Intelligence, Real-time monitoring, High performance computing, OEM and ISV data visualization, and Technical data visualization. The company’s software uses pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and trend analysis to aid clients find solutions to complex design problems. The company’s clients include government agencies, corporations, and research organizations.