Media/Media partnership

HPCwire, an ancillary of Tabor Communications, appreciates submissions of original feature articles, Big Data content, and diverse editorial content from all members of the HPC community.

Members of the community begin the process online by sending the editor a query with a short abstract of their proposed submission.

The company then lets them know promptly whether the proposed article or content is suitable for its audience and provides additional guidelines if required.

The company’s white paper database consists of reports from the pre-eminent idea generators and thought leaders in the HPC industry.

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Seven Bridges Genomics

Seven Bridges Genomics delivers users a cloud-based platform for the next generation sequence data analysis. IGOR, the company’s scalable Big Data computation engine, enables users to detect and interpret variants employing open-source, flexible pipelines in hours. IGOR has a browsable library of reference files and data. Key features of IGOR include Transcript annotations; Updated reference SNPs from dbSNP; Small test data for experimentation with pipelines; Exome capture kit annotations from Agilent, Illumina, Ion Torrent, and Nimblegen; and Gold standard indels from the Broad Institute and the 1000 Genomes Project.