Data Sources

DataSift is passionate about the innumerable possibilities presented by Social and Big Data.

The company’s team members are avid users of Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media services.

DataSift enhances the performance of enterprises in diverse sectors including Retail, News, and Finance.

The company’s platform helps clients to perfect the way they handle their customer relationships, monitor public perception of their brands, and remain on top of industry fads with real-time perceptions from social data.

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Apache Hadoop

The Apache™ Hadoop® project is used by a variety of companies and organizations. Some of the Hadoop-associated projects at Apache include Cassandra™, Avro™, Ambari™, HBase™, Mahout™, Zookeeper™, Chukwa™, Hive™, and Pig™. Ambari™ is a web-based tool for managing, provisioning, and observing Apache Hadoop clusters which includes assistance for other Hadoop projects. Avro™ is a data serialization system. Hive™ is a Big Data warehouse infrastructure that renders ad hoc querying and data summarization.