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Custora is a team of scientists, designers, developers, and engineers, shaping the future of relationship marketing – driven by science.

Custora 4.0, the company’s sophisticated Big Data analytics platform, permits retailers test almost any marketing strategy. This platform easily integrates with most databases, email service providers, and e-commerce platforms.

This platform employs cutting-edge analytics to identify clients’ most valuable sections and reach out to at-risk purchasers.

The company’s specialties include Big Data Analytics, Churn Detection, Cohort Analysis, Lifecycle segmentation, Trend Analysis, and Customer Segmentation.

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MathWorks designs, creates and offers math and financial skills associated training seminars for enterprises. The company’s seminars include Finance for the Non-Financial Professional, Retail Math Skills, Math Essentials for Business, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Say it with Graphs! Applications of the company’s solutions include Control Systems, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Systems, Image & Video Processing, Communications Systems, Test & Measurement, FPGA Design & Codesign, Computational Finance, and Mechatronics. MATLAB and Simulink, two sophisticated products of the company, are used by 5000+ colleges and universities.