A Degree In Big Data? More Hands Are Needed

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From the car-sharing company to the utility company and every type of business in-between, organizations can make better decisions with Big Data (Or so it is assumed). In an article at Spectrum.com, Prachi Patel makes important points

There are many data sources today — That’s NOT the problem. The challenges begin when the aim is to clean up data gathered from many sources (structured and unstructured data), make correlations, glean insights and present such insights in ways that decision makers can factor them into the decision-making process.

That’s where there is a big need — The problem is with having people with the right skills to present insights gleaned in ways that are usable by business leaders.

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the United States alone will have a shortfall of 190,000 data scientists by the 2018. Because of this, many universities have developed/are developing programs that can train experts who can deal effectively with Big Data and arrive at useful conclusions that can be used by business leaders and clients.

In fact, enterprises like Walmart have been encouraging universities to develop masters programs in analytics. So for those looking for opportunities, here you have one. Just make sure you have a background in fields like engineering, statistics and economics.

A Degree In Big Data? More Hands Are Needed

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